Certificates of Appreciation

Certificates of Appreciation are awarded to local veterans who served in overseas wars, conflicts and peace operations during the Second World War, Vietnam War, Australian Service from 1945-1975, Australian Service since 1975 and Peace Operations. They are also available to civilians and those who served in defence forces or on the home front during the Second World War.

The certificates are a way of expressing the nation’s gratitude to those who have served in the defence forces or on the home front in the Second World War or in wars, conflicts and peace operations overseas since.

We should be proud of our fine history of service in Australia’s defence forces in Mitchell.

While many thousands of Australians have had their contributions recognised through certificates since 1995 – veterans and others such as Red Cross and civil aid workers who directly supported Australia’s efforts in conflicts overseas have not yet been recognised.

These certificates provide tangible recognition of the efforts of the many Australian veterans who have served our nation.

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