Celebrating diversity and inclusion

The Hills Shire Council is proud to announce its Castle Glen Child Care Centre, in Castle Hill, has received “Our Service Values Inclusion” sticker for the Centre’s ongoing commitment to inclusion.

Receiving this sticker acknowledges that the Council-owned child care facility has undergone reflection and planning to develop a Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP).

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne said Council was committed to ensuring its services and facilities are accessible and appropriate for all people, especially young children.

“We are committed to making our Shire a truly inclusive and engaging community and that objective is at the heart of our Strategic Inclusion Plan,” Mayor Byrne said.

“It lays out practical actions and strategies which the Centre has implemented to increase capacity and capability to include all children.

“I am so proud of Castle Glen Child Care Centre and I thank the Centre for its commitment to ensuring we have an all-embracing community.

“An inclusive Shire benefits everyone.”

The sticker will be displayed on the Centre’s front door, where it can be visible to families, the community and any other visitors.

“Displaying this sticker shows that we value diversity and recognise inclusion as a right for all children,” Mayor Byrne added.

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