Castle Hill Art Society Inc.

On Sunday 21st August, Andrew Antoniou is running a workshop in Castle Hill Art Society Inc. as “Drawing From Yourself” which is an exploration of the imagination using methods of mark making and collage in the medium of charcoal.

These techniques and methods will facilitate your imaginative process to form images that are uniquely individual.

The workshop focuses on image discovery rather than invention and best use of the medium of charcoal. There will be a few demonstrations throughout the class profiling Andrew’s genius!!!

The fee is $90. Phone Luce Lopez on 0419 496 621 to register your interest.

On 3rd August, Dario Falzon will be demonstrating a scene that was painted plein air, and will explain his technique plus the various processes and materials used. Dario is a traditional realist painter, primarily working en plein air with oil paints, and using brushes and knives in multiple ways to create an impression of the surrounding landscape. Visitors are welcome to join the Castle Hill Art Society 7.30pm at Castle Glen Community Centre, 157 Ridgecrop Drive, Castle Hill. Enquiries 9899 3179

Castle Hill Art Society Inc.

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