Gladys Berejiklean has been sworn in as the new Premier of NSW and I have been greatly honoured with the new responsibility of Minister for Multiculturalism and Minister for Disability Services. These changes have occurred at a time when business confidence is stronger than ever, which is key indicator of the strength of the NSW economy.

Businesses are more confident investing in NSW than any other mainland state. The findings, recently released as part of the NAB Quarterly Business Survey – December 2016, ranked the state as having the strongest current business conditions of any state. The results reinforced the State’s status as Australia’s leading economy.

The report backs up what the NSW Government have been saying all along, that NSW is the best place to start a business. The NSW government has gone to great lengths to invest in improving infrastructure, removing overburdening red tape and simplifying regulation to help businesses thrive. Our work is paying off with NSW continuing to outstrip all other mainland States and territories in terms of business confidence and conditions.

The Survey indicated that the 12 months outlook on business conditions in NSW was the most positive among all mainland States. The new report comes after the release from ABS, which showed more than 72,000 dwellings were approved in 2016 above the state target of 50,000. The NSW Government are committed to increasing housing supply to make housing more affordable for all. Since the Liberal-National Government was elected in 2011, there have been more than 310,000 new homes approved across NSW.

Are you railing for a change of scenery, love watching the clock and are keen to get your career on track? Well Sydney Trains is hiring and we’d love to hear from more women. The NSW Government has announced a new recruitment campaign to encourage more women to consider a career as a train driver or guard.

The days of shoveling coal on steam trains is long gone, this is a job for everyone. We are challenging more women to seriously consider a career as one of our train drivers or as a guard. This is a great opportunity for those who want a career change, who are looking to get back in the workforce, or just want a new challenge doing a job that they can enjoy. As a driver or a guard you get to see Sydney from a whole new perspective, interact with our customers daily as well as a chance to pursue further opportunities within Sydney Trains.

The recruitment drive aims to improve current employment levels where six per cent of Sydney Trains drivers are women and 14 per cent work as guards. You don’t have to have degree or a formal qualification, just a really positive attitude. It’s not your typical 9 to 5 job and you get to spend more time with your family. Applications for drivers close on Sunday 12 March while guards open on 10 March and close 26 March 2017. Applicants can apply online by visiting I work for NSW or

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