The Bromeliad Society of Australia will hold their next meeting at the Federation Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground on Saturday, 12 May with plant sales commencing at 11:00 AM prior to the meeting.

Access is via the new Showground entrance off Showground Road into Doran Drive, Castle Hill with plenty of parking on site.

Discussion at this meeting will include the different bromeliad species that have unique pupping habits. Most tank-forming bromeliads set new pups at the base of the mother plant, just below the lowest leaves and these are usually the easiest to propagate.

However, a few bromeliads have a tendency to produce what are known as grass pups. These are very small pups that rise from the base of the base of the plant, usually before flowering has occurred.

They can be removed and grown on. Species that produce grass pups often do so in large numbers, for example Tillandsia viridiflora, Alcantarea imperialis and Vriesea glutinosa.

Included in this presentation will be the methods of separating non-stoloniferous bromeliads and a demonstration for the tricky bromeliads where the pups grow up between mum’s leaves.

“Membership to the Bromeliad Society of Australia is just $30 for the first year than $25 annually. If you would like to arrange a membership please contact the membership secretary on email: [email protected] or just come along to a couple of meetings to see if this is what you are looking for – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed” said Ian Hook, President, BSA.

BSA meetings include interesting guest speakers, plant sales, club news, raffles and competitions as well as providing an opportunity to meet with like-minded people in a friendly and inviting environment.

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