Bridges in Crestwood Reserve is Open Now

The first of two pedestrian bridges in Crestwood Reserve is now open.

Works were completed to raise the original bridge higher above the Toongabbie creekline, as well as stabilise the banks and build new concrete pathway connections.

The original bridge was re-used in the project, saving Council and ratepayers significant costs. The second pedestrian bridge is located further upstream and should be completed in the coming weeks.

Both bridges are part of a bigger project to improve pedestrian links in Crestwood Reserve and to also reduce areas of erosion occurring along the Toongabbie creekline. This is an important body of water, which is home to many species of plants and animals and also flows into Parramatta River.

I’m happy to see the bridge open to the public again and residents utilising this improved asset to access the Reserve’s facilities or to use it on their daily stroll.

Bridges In Crestwood Reserve

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