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Breast Buddies

Kellyville Breast Buddies is celebrating 10 years of supporting women with breast cancer.

Founder, Tonya Mercer, said she saw the need for a local support group after receiving her second breast cancer diagnosis.

“I thought I should join a support group,” she said. “To my disappointment, a local group did not exist. I decided to join the BCNA’s online network (Breast Cancer Network Australia).”

Tonya said she received a lot of support and information from BCNA and, sometime later, was invited to train to become a BCNA community liaison.

Breast Buddies
Tonya mercer with fellow kellyville breast buddy sue woodward

“This gave me the skills to start up a local support group and it didn’t take long for our numbers to grow. We were lucky to be welcomed by the CWA to use their cottage at Kenthurst.

This meant more room and more privacy for our meetings. “We have now been operating for 10yrs. We meet regularly for morning tea and provide support, friendship,information (and often laughter) to any woman with a breast cancer diagnosis- past or present.

“Those words from your doctor “you have breast cancer” can literally pull the rug from under you. Your life changes in an instant and you may feel anxious,apprehensive and isolated. “Our group is here to support you through diagnosis, treatment and beyond.”

For more information about the group contact Tonya on 0401 858 114.

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