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Box Hill Nelson Hall

Farewell To Box Hill Hall Dec 20222 Box Hill Nelson Hall
Members of box hill nelson progress association at the farewell to the old hall

Box Hill Nelson Progress

Box Hill Nelson Progress Association has moved its meetings to the Salvation Army centre at Nelson following the sale of its premises.

The closure, at the end of last year, marked the end of an era for the hall which was built on donated lands with funds donated by the local community. A new hall to better meet the growing community’s needs will be built on the opposite side of Nelson Rd.

The following was taken from a history of the hall by Jilly Warren. The Box Hill and Nelson Progress Association was formed in 1944 and in 1947 the Association set up a Committee to raise funds to acquire land and build a Hall.

Two years later the Association’s secretary Anthony Skarratt generously donated a 1 acre portion of his land fronting Nelson Rd to the Association as a gift. Members worked hard raising the funds to build the Hall.

In 1952 the Title transfer was completed and Council granted consent for the erection of the community hall. Members of the Association lent money towards the erection of the Hall.

The first meeting was held in the Hall in 1955 and it became the sole meeting place and community heart of the area.

Sometimes meetings catered for up to 100 people coming from both Box Hill and Nelson.

Over the last 75 years the members of the Progress Association have been committed to ensuring that our local community has a local venue in which to meet.

In 1966 Council approached the Association purchase a small strip of land fronting Nelson Rd in order to widen the road.

Box Hill Nelson Community Hall Box Hill Nelson Hall
The old box hill nelson community hall serving the community for 75 years.

In the 1970s the Chief Secretary’s department was threatening to revoke the BHNPA’s license to operate the Hall unless various repairs and upgrades were undertaken. Council proposed acting as trustees of the hall so that the necessary repairs could be carried out and insurance would be funded by Council as the BHNPA was struggling to cover the costs required due to dwindling membership.

In 1986 Hills Shire Council resumed the land. The Progress Association has always lobbied to have the site named “The Anthony Skarratt Reserve”.

The new Box Hill Nelson Community Centre will be located at the future Anthony Skarratt Reserve, approximately over the road from the existing Nelson Road/Flower Street intersection.

The foyer is proposed to house the history of the old community Centre.

The next meeting of the Box Hill Nelson Progress Association will be on Monday, April 17th at the Salvation Army Hall at Nelson starting at 7pm.

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