Book Now For Flood Waste Collection

Council’s Flood Waste Collection registration is now available on Council’s website by clicking on the yellow tile ‘Dropping Your Waste at the Tip’.

Or the direct link!/ Booking is essential for all waste drop offs.

There will be a focus this year on Flood Waste Collection from the kerbside during the recovery which will increase the speed and efficiency of the clean-up process. Residents are encouraged to move their waste to the kerbside of their property and separate the flood waste into specific piles:

• e-waste
• metals
• mattresses
• chemicals or other hazardous materials (<20L or <20kg)
• other flood waste.

No ineligible waste on your kerbside will be collected and you will be responsible for the removal. If you have advised that you are physically unable to take flood waste from your property to your kerbside, we will contact you soon to discuss what assistance may be available.

Recyclable waste can be placed in your yellow-lidded bin or taken to the Hawkesbury Community Recycling Centre. See  for what can be accepted.

Food waste can be disposed of via your redlidded bin. When handling any refuse which has been contaminated with flood water or mud, personal protective equipment must be worn, especially gloves. After clean-up, protective clothing should be washed, and people should shower within the hour for health and safety.

Waste Management Facility open for all Hawkesbury residents The Hawkesbury City Waste Management Facility is open for all Hawkesbury residents. All visits to the Waste Management Centre to drop off waste require a booking.

Bookings for the Waste Management Facility can be made online!/ or by calling the Customer Service Team on 4560 4444.

Flood Waste will be accepted at the Waste Management Facility free of charge for flood affected residents only. Charges apply for other waste that is not flood waste and for residential properties that are not flood affected. Waste will be checked at the gate. Loads containing asbestos will be rejected.

For guidance on how to manage waste that does not fall into one of the above categories please visit EPA NSW storm and flood updates 2022 at news/2022/nsw-storm-and-flood-updates-2022

Register for Council Flood Recovery updates at

Additional flood related information can be found at Click on All Flood Related Information.

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