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Better, Fairer Tax Cuts from July 1

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In the lead up to July 1, I encourage everyone to take a look at their payslip and make a note of how much take-home pay they receive. That’s because from July 1, every single taxpayer in the Hawkesbury will receive a tax cut, meaning they will get to keep more of what they earn.

Taking pressure off families and households is the Albanese Government’s number one priority and we made cost of living relief a key focus in our 2024 Budget.

A primary school teacher in Richmond on $80,000 will get a tax cut of $1,679. An electrician from Wilberforce on $110,000 will get a tax cut of $2,429. A nurse from Windsor on $76,000 will get a tax cut of $1,579.

We’re also making things easier for households in the Hawkesbury through the new energy rebate. Every household will receive $300 off their electricity bill, and $325 for every eligible Hawkesbury small business. It’s another way we can provide some relief, across every home.

And then there’s the ways we’re making it easier for businesses or all sizes to train up the next generation of workers.Susan Templeman Web Scaled Better, Fairer Tax Cuts From July 1

For instance, for priority construction skills we’ve increased the support payments to apprentices to $5000, for another 12 months. Employers of these apprentices will receive a $5,000 hiring incentive, up from $4,000. Plus, we will provide access to $10,000 incentive payments to support our target of 10,000 new energy apprentices.

The Government will also invest $88 million to deliver 20,000 new fee‑free TAFE places, including pre‑apprenticeships in courses relevant to the construction sector, as well as in childcare, aged care and many other courses.

For vocational and uni students, there’s a cut to student debt, to make up for some of the big increases students saw last year and this year because of high inflation.

And Hawkesbury teaching, social work and nursing students will soon have their mandatory paid prac work supported by a payment of around $315 a week.

These are just a few of the ways we’re easing the cost of living, tackling inflation and growing our economy.


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