Benjamin Benjamin Caswell Faq
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This is the most important State Election in a generation and how you vote will shape the direction NSW takes. More than ever, it is important that your representative can put forward the community interests and boldly vote them. Your representative should be one you can trust to be transparent and having the community interests at heart. Party candidates cannot offer this, as they are forced to vote with the party and can be against the community’s best interest.

I stand as an independent in the upcoming NSW State Election knowing I can put you first. The issues that you as a community have raised to me are what my campaign is based on. I’d encourage you to reach out to me or come see me at a local Meet & Greet event to put forward your ideas.

Key areas I am campaigning on include better access and funding to Education, improved Local Infrastructure, greater investment in Health, looking at solutions for Housing affordability and caring for our Environment. I’d love the opportunity to represent you!


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