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The Benefits Of Wearing Your Hearing Aids All Day: Making Your Hearing Better With Ear Studio


At Ear Studio, our dedicated and highly skilled team is committed to helping our clients make the most out of their hearing devices. In this article, we will explore 3 key benefits of wearing your hearing aids all day, highlighting how it can significantly enhance your overall hearing and well-being.

3 Benefits Of Wearing Hearing Aids All Day 2024 Infographic Copy The Benefits Of Wearing Your Hearing Aids All Day: Making Your Hearing Better With Ear Studio1. Improving Communication Much of our daily communication involves hearing. From talking to your family members and friends, to an interaction at the shops, or speaking to a health professional. Some of them may be more important than others.

Of course, you will want to understand advice or warnings extended to you from your doctor or other professionals. Yet sometimes it is a little interaction you may share with others that have the potential to make you smile and can make a difference to your day.

2. Improve Your Connections with Others Connections with your loved ones grow over time and, like plants, benefit from regular attention. Being able to have a meaningful conversation is part of that. Ensuring you can join in during events, big and small, lets you be part of the action.

Social connections are not only what warm our hearts, they also ensure that the opposites are kept at bay. Social isolation, frustration, and sadness can be results of an inability to hear and understand well.

3. Help Maintain Cognitive Functions The connection between hearing loss and an increased risk of dementia has been well studied in recent years. While the risk of dementia may seem far away in the future for some of us, a more immediate factor is our daily cognitive load.

With an untreated hearing loss, our brain has to work much harder and uses its resources to receive information. As a result, less cognitive resources for processing and understanding are available. Should the information you receive be complex or fast, such as rapid speech, even more resources are needed.

If this becomes too hard most people become stressed; they may seem impatient as they cannot keep up, they may feel embarrassed to ask for repetition, and others simply switch off.

Boost Your Well-Being In 2024: Improve Your Hearing Health

Hearing aids can therefore bring benefits in different parts of your life. It is important to point out that these positive factors will only come into play if your hearing devices are worn daily, ideally for most of the day. Only then will your brain continue to receive auditory stimulation and stay active.

The longer your brain remains deprived of this stimulation, the more work you will have to put in to achieve your maximum outcome.

At Ear Studio, we believe in the positive change improved hearing can bring to you. If you (or a loved one) would like to explore any of these aspects, please take the time to call us today.

You can contact our friendly reception staff on 02) 9159 6122 or via email at reception@ We are happy to help find a time that is suitable for you. We are open Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm and Fridays from 9am to 4pm and are located at Lawton House in Castle Hill (Suites 9-10 / 60 Cecil Ave). We look forward to guiding you on the journey to better hearing.

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