Battlefield History Tours.

When one comes across an advertisement for Battlefield History Tours, it conjours many different thoughts in people’s minds and at that stage, there are many who would not look further after viewing the advertisement. However, Battlefield History Tours are much more than the name implies. Sure, they do tour battlefields and some take you to ancient battlefields such as Thermopolae where the Spartans were defeated guarding the approaches to Atherns or Culloden, where the pride of the Scottish Highlands were heavily defeated when trying to support Bony Prince Charlie’s return. Crecy, Agincourt and Waterloo are also battlefield sites that are visited by readers of history as most of the Battles changed the course of history.

But there are other groups who will take you to battlefields that are still in the memory of those who took part in the campaign or a later generation who may have had family engaged in the conflict.

One such company is Battlefield History Tours , led by Colonel Graham Fleeton, retired, who, for close on 20 years has been leading such tours to those areas where Australian Forces were engaged. From the Boer War in South Africa, through to the Vietnam War and many in between.

Visiting those battlefields, in many instances with family of those who had fought there and in many cases who had paid the supreme sacrifice, by visiting where they fought and fell ensures that they will always be remembered. There is much more associated with Colonel Fleeton’s tours, interact with the local culture and people, visit sites of archaeological significance and travel through a beautiful landscape. These tours take you outside the normal tourist areas.

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