B Kinder Day 2022

Danny Mayson-Kinder thinks the world needs to be kinder and thousands of other people think she’s quite right.

b kinder day is on Wednesday, 22nd June and in the past two years over 60,000 B Kinder cards have been sent throughout Australia and around the world.

The first b kinder day was held at Arndell Anglican College in Oakville in 2018. It was the school Billie Kinder attended before the 12-yearold died in a tragic horse accident.

Her mum, Danny, set up the flyhighbillie charity to promote kindness in schools and the community. She has also produced workbooks using Billie’s drawings and inspirational words promoting kindness.

Arndell Anglican College has not only supported b kinder day for the past five years but has also embedded the b kinder workbooks into their PDHPE curriculum.

“I think the next generation is going to change the world and they need to,” says Danny. “People need to wake up and be kinder to each other. We have allowed the world to get this way. Our children listen to the way we speak to each other. We need to re-set. Sending a card to someone with a kind message in it is a way to keep kindness happening.”

Last year 72 schools took part in b kinder day and this year looks even bigger with local events happening at several pre-schools including Kenthurst Pre-school, Vineyard Preschool and Warrah Disability Services at Dural.

This year, thanks to a $10,000 grant from the Commonwealth Bank, local businesses have been given cards to give away free on b kinder day and encourage people to pay it forward.

“We have used the grant to package 150 b kinder day packs for small businesses. It contains a b kinder day poster, 10 b kinder day balloons and 25 of Billie’s beautifully illustrated b kinder day cards,” says Danny. “We would like small businesses to participate by decorating their place of work and then gifting a card to each customer on b kinder day. They can pay kindness forward and suggest the customer writes and then sends the card to someone they care about, or even write a kind note and pop it in a stranger’s letterbox.”

Alisha Goldstien (pictured) from the Farmer’s Daughter gift shop in Windsor has supported the flyhighbillie charity from day one. Other local businesses getting involved include: Davies Office Supplies, Bridge Cafe and Farmhouse Living at Windsor; Gentle Dental and Hawkesbury Family Practice -at Richmond, Hawkesbury Screenprinting at North Richmond, Hawkesbury Oasis and Horseland Richmond.

Several schools have already held b kinder days and others are planning their events after 22nd June including: Arndell Anglican College, Richard Johnson Anglican School, Papilio Early Learning Centres Pitt Town and Schofield, Milestones Early Learning, Pitt Town and Parklea Public School.

For information on how to get involved email [email protected]. Information about the charity, its workbooks and publications are on the charity’s website flyhighbillie.org

B Kinder Day

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