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Aussie Say: Thank You

Aussie Pumps, birthed only 30 years ago in Arcadia, continues to grow not just in Australia, but also globally.

This innovative company is a great local success story. Unlike big corporations that are driven by shareholders with demands for dividends, Aussie is a family business and has proven that Australian innovation can produce products that are now considered “world best”.

“This is a big thank you to the residences of the Hills and Hawkesbury area for the terrific support they have given us”, said Aussie Pumps Operations Manager, Hamish Lorenz. “Our pumps outperform all others and are substantially better value than competitor products like Davey Pumps. 25% more performance and a substantially lower price makes the Aussie better value,” he said.

“The Aussie Fire Chief is the best lightweight portable fire pump in the world”, said Hamish. Check the Aussie Pump Fire Ready ad for your local stockist.Aussie Says Thank You Aussie Say: Thank You

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