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Aren’t Communities Great… Arcadian Quilting interact, we communicate, we support each other in shared activities and BINGO… the whole Community can benefit.

We quilters have recently had the opportunity of sharing with the Elouera Cottage Crafts group from Cherrybrook Uniting Church. During November they held shopping days at a POP-UP market. Their contact point now is through the UNITING CHURCH, 134 New Line Road, Cherrybrook and also on 0408 441 766.

We hope their efforts for this project were rewarding and successful.

Our ‘home’ venue now feels bigger, better, brighter after the interior was recently re-organised and newly painted… so much so that a working-bee was undertaken by the quilters to tidy-up our collection of wonderful fabrics. To colour code, pack and store much of what we so often use at our meetings was such a pleasure, to ‘find again’ if you will materials we had put aside, patterns that had been put away until later… all sound familiar?

With some good weather at last and a few bright sunny days to enjoy, all would suggest that ‘it’s time to start planning for the festive season’… soak the Christmas fruit, find the suitable baking tins… make the ‘to-do lists’ and be ready to welcome Christmas.

While planning parties, gifts and the sharing of good cheer… spare some thoughts for the organisations in our communities: those helping hands working towards making someone else’s Christmas as bright and as cheery as possible.

Remember local communities are great and each of us can add to that BINGO feeling by thinking about someone else during December.

May 2023 be as you would wish for yourselves and for those near and dear to you.

Arent Comm Arcadian Quilting

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