Anthony Chadszinow FAQ


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As a software engineer with 20+ years industry experience I never imagined I would get involved in politics but as a father of 3 I’m ever more concerned about the world our kids will inherit. 

Corruption, rapid over development and the ecological impacts that come with it have moved me to step forward and stand for the seat of Winston Hills for the Sustainable Australia Party. 

As an Engineer I like to fix things. I’m a handyman at heart who doesn’t like adding to landfill so I’m a supporter of the Right to Repair movement. I’ve been known to fix common home issues from problem doors/windows, leaky taps, mowers & trimmers, home appliances and electronics including phones and tablets.

I also believe that secure affordable housing is essential to the well-being of families and so I’m a regular follower of economic news & study the choices that have brought Australia to the current state we find ourselves in now.

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