Adrian Dingam FAQ



I’m standing because the people of NSW need a responsible independent voice in the Legislative Assembly.

The people should be controlling what the government does.  Right now, it’s the other way around.

The government is running its own agenda.  It’s running over your rights and aspirations.  Its Health policy is literally killing people.  Its brainless Energy policy is sending prices through the roof, destroying industry, making it harder and harder for people to make ends meet.

The NSW Government is not honest, it’s not transparent, it’s not accountable.  It’s not your friend.

The current NSW State government is the Liberal/National Party Coalition.

The sitting member for Hornsby, Matt Kean, is a cabinet minister in that government.  He is State Treasurer, and Minister for Energy.

That government has a lot to answer for.  And so, in turn, does Matt Kean.

That government, initially under Gladys Berejiklian (remember her?), and now under Dominic Perrottet, has in my view demonstrated through its overreach an unprecedented, ignorant, deceitful, sinister, callous and almost certainly criminal disregard for the rights of individuals.

That government has also shown that it is not capable of protecting and developing our economy.  Our living standards are going backwards.

My intention is to bring that government to account, by exposing the holes in what it tells you, and by being a voice of reason not just for the Hornsby electorate, but across all of NSW. There are already champions of freedom and good government among the independents in the Legislative Council (the Upper House, or Senate).  The Legislative Assembly has meanwhile been flying under the radar, the government pursuing its destructive policy agendas with the acquiescence of the other major parties but with scant reference to the community at large, or to the truth.

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