Aberdoon House

Historic Aberdoon House at Rouse Hill has undergone a makeover.

The exact date of when Aberdoon House was constructed and by whom is a mystery, but the earliest renovations on the historic building dates back to 1887.

The Hills Shire Council has just given the Colonial Georgian Cottage a makeover, including polishing and repairing the decking, the internal walls were painted and the old chicken shed repaired as part of rejuvenation works.

North West Disability Services, which uses the building for art classes, said it was thrilled with the renovations.

“North West Disability Services feels honoured to be the current custodians of Aberdoon House. Our clients have a great venue, which holds such history to explore through creativity, and enjoy all that Aberdoon and the property has to offer,” Angela Martin, Co-ordinator at Aberdoon House, said.

Aberdoon House is located in Clower Avenue, Rouse Hill.The land surrounding the homestead was originally granted to Thomas Clower in January 1818. Clower, a former convict, arrived in the colony in 1798.

Hugh Kelly, whom the suburb Kellyville is named after, purchased the property in 1826 and also owned the nearby ‘Bird in the Hand’ tavern located near Windsor Road.

He named his farm ‘Vinegar Hill Farm’ to distinguish it from the many properties he owned around the district.

The property then passed to Alexander and William Gamack in 1841, who subdivided the property into several smaller quarter acre blocks.

Aberdoon House is now maintained by council. Hills Shire Mayor, Dr Michelle Byrne said maintaining the area’s remaining historic buildings is important.

“These renovations mean we can continue to preserve our earliest buildings and ensure future generations have access to a tangible piece of Hills history.”


Aberdoon House

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