Mobility Engineering is an Automotive Engineering Consultancy firm that specialises in transport and safety solutions for people with limited mobility. This not only includes people with disabilities but also people who may have difficulty operating, entering and exiting their vehicles. ME specialises in empowering people in finding a solution to achieve this and gain their independence and mobility.

Mobility Engineering is Australian owned and operated since 1988, with Morry Akbarian as the founder and his sons: Ali, Amin and Omid now forming part of the future direction of the company bringing with them more innovative and progressive solutions to the Mobility Industry.

Recently we held our 2nd Annual Vehicle Conversions Conference. We are very proud and excited to have held such an event having experts and special guests from across the globe.

The event started out as a simple vision of being able to demonstrate our products and equipment in 2015, originally calling it an ‘Open Day’. However, when organising this open day we fast realised that we were doing something truly unique in Australia by bringing in international manufacturers and suppliers who have never been here or spoken to our users and industry. Until now Australians had never had the opportunity to interact and communicate directly with the manufacturers and find out what goes into the manufacturing of these products. We have found this to be a very important factor for the users and prescribers of these products.

With this realisation, the idea of converting the ‘Open Day’ into an actual annual conference where we educate and empower people to be able to approach our suppliers and their information in order to make their own decisions, was a no-brainer and needed to be done. 2016 was a huge success with over 100 Industry Practitioners, Occupational Therapists and Careers, Insurance Companies attending the conference, all of who are now using and recommending these products, to make sure that the people they deal with are safe and have a solution that best meets their needs and abilities.

Mobility Engineering looks forward to the 2017 Vehicle Conversions Conference and what it will bring not only to Mobility Engineering, but also to Australia.

Thank you for being a part of it this year and we are very thankful to all our Mobility Engineering Team for their efforts.

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