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Thumbs Up for Live-Well Homecare

Looking for good carers to take care of an aged or ailing loved one is something many of us may have to do due to various reasons, including loss of mobility or our work schedule. The cost factor and all-round support is also essential.

That’s why Sanjay Pradhan says he is happy that he has secured the right provider to care for his mother at their south Penrith home.

His mother, Lata Pradhan, has been under the care of Live-Well Homecare, Penrith, for the past year, with Sanjay saying he is able to do his work without having to worry about her.

“My mother needs assistance for any movement and I am impressed with the care givers from Live-Well Homecare,” Sanjay said.

“I had used Live-Well Homecare privately and I found out their administrative costs are very reasonable. They are also local, which is important for me. I have used five providers and one of the important things you have to know is how much providers charge for administrative fees. This is because the administration fees for some providers are very expensive and can charge around 52 per cent.”

Under the present arrangements, Live-Well Homecare provides a care giver in the morning and evening to do special tasks for his mother. He said this arrangement works perfectly for him.

Sanjay said when speaking to providers, it is best to give them the exact requirements and be quite specific about them.

“I tell them this and that have to be done in an hour as I know it can be done, because I have done it myself,” Sanjay said. “I haven’t had a bad provider so far.”