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Hawkesbury Artists Shine at The Arcadian Artists Trail 2023

It is a great privilege to have artists from the Hawkesbury Area in our Arcadian Artists Trail this year. Two of these artists are Wayne Wagstaff and Janelle Gavin.

Wayne Wagstaff is a qualified Blacksmith who uses his trade to create handmade metal pieces of great interest and high quality. Using traditional skills and techniques, and incorporating some modern twists with wood, he creates valuable and authentic items.

A hand forge and hot steel enhance his creativity, producing items that are practical as well as beautiful. He will be exhibiting at Kathleen Berney in Arcadia in the second weekend of November. Come and see his remarkable work.

Jenelle Gavin is a talented photographer who will also be exhibiting at the Arcadian Artists Trail 2023. Her passion and skill have led her to macro photography, capturing intricate and detailed aspects of the natural world. She has been working on the process of focus stacking where multiple images are used to produce almost three-dimensional photographs. The results are exceptional. It’s well worth a visit to Sandra’s Ceramics Studio to see Jenelle’s work.

Treat yourself to the beauty of the rural outskirts of Sydney as you explore 6 rural properties that have opened their studios for the weekend. Each of these venues has a wide and beautiful selection of treasures with artisans showing their amazing talents.

Jewellers, watercolour artists, photographers, stonemasons, textile artists, printmakers, potters, and others are excited to show you their selection of handmade items. The experience is enhanced by the magnificence of the local scenery, the local food, and the local cheer in Arcadia, Galston and Dural.

On November 11-12, 2023.9.00am – 5.00pm Saturday and Sunday. Admission is FREE. Come and enjoy! Visit their website for more information. We thank Bendigo Bank for their generous support of this community event.

Arcadian Artists Trail 2023

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