Do you remember the story from World War One When the Allies were fighting the hated Hun? A Christmas Truce was declared so they could bury their dead They came from the trenches, and somehow Herman shook hands with Fred.

Some presents were exchanged, though they didn’t have much Just cigarettes, cake, socks, handkerchiefs and such. Teams were selected and a soccer match was begun, They played for enjoyment, it didn’t matter who won. At the close of the truce they went their ways by lantern light, To the strains in German and English of a common “Silent Night”.

So briefly it was demonstrated just then, The possibility of “Peace on Earth–Goodwill to Men.”

Why do you suppose after more than two thousand years, We still celebrate this birth, that originally brought such fears? The skeptics laugh, but each year the story is retold, Of poor shepherds, who a host of angels did behold: And rich Princes from the East bearing gifts so grand Falling foul of Herod’s tyrannical hand.

In a unique Australian way we now meet in every second park And “Carols by Candlelight” brings light into the dark Families get together to remember and honour the day, And in the Christmas Spirit, try to put their differences away. Does this all happen because we’ve found a thought true now as then, That this birth gives us the only hope for “Peace on Earth – Goodwill to Men”?


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