Tea With Local MP

Tea With Local MP
By Patricia Campbell Tea With Local MP
The residents at Riverside Gardens were lucky to have a social get-to-know-you morning tea with their local State member for the Hawkesbury Robyn Preston just before the COVID lockdown was declared last week.

As a resident in the area, Robyn is aware of local issues and residents enjoyed the opportunity to talk to her about their views and concerns.

The proposed bridge duplication was raised and people aired their views. Residents also talked to Robyn about issues such as domestic violence and being grandparents.

Of concern to many residents who enjoy walking to North Richmond Shopping Centre are the traffic lights.

Residents say the phasing of the lights is too short when they attempt to cross Bells Line of Road to get to and from the shops.

They say it is very dangerous for those on scooters or other mobility aids.

Residents love being able to walk to their local shops, post office and health care professionals.

Down the other end of Beaumont Avenue is Hanna Park, another great source of enjoyment for residents who like walking. It’s a pet-friendly park which just suits a pet-friendly village.

This village recognises the importance of residents being able to bring their pets with them when they move here.


Hawkesbury MP Robyn Preston got to enjoy tea with
Riverside Gardens residents before the COVID restrictions

Riverside Gardens has been open for 10 Years. The first resident moved in on June 24, 2011.

Most of the residents have lived in the area or have family living in the area.

Ask any resident at the village what they enjoy most about living at North Richmond and they will tell you it’s about the semi-rural area.

They love the wildlife, the walks and the natural beauty. We also get a lot of birds and parrots from the nearby park to fly into the village. The residents just love it.