Tackling Covid The Fitness Way

By Lawrence Machado

The impact of COVID has been widespread and no one has been spared with more than two million lives lost worldwide and millions more affected by it. The pandemic has impacted employment, business and the physical and mental well being, which is why maintaining physical activity has never been more important, according to health professionals.

Brett Stewart, Manager, Health, Fitness and Sports at Castle Hill RSL Group (CHRG), said physical activity can not only boost the immune system and reduce the risk of contracting viral and bacterial infections, but can improve your mental health by reducing the stress symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

Fitness Way“While there are many fantastic ways to stay active like going for a jog, or following a routine at home, the consistency and sustained motivation that can be achieved by being a part of a fitness community can help to ensure that the fitness goals you need in order to improve your immune systems can be achieved,” said Sewart.

He said Castle Hill Fitness and Aquatic Centre has more than 2,500sqm of space, a wide range of facilities and equipment, classes and trainers available to suit everyone from 15-115 years.

“The staff and members have taken well to the personal responsibility required to ensure the venue is always clean,” Stewart said.

“That community has also been critical for many people in returning back to ‘normality’. But being able to interact with friends, whether over a coffee after a workout, or by participating in a group fitness class together, the camaraderie and support network it creates are vital for maintaining a regular exercise program that delivers the healthy output needed to fight off disease.“

He says a key component to maintaining a healthy active lifestyle to ensure health benefits are met, is to make sure the exercise you are doing is making an impact.

“To achieve any benefits to your cardiovascular system, regular moderately to vigorous activity needs to be maintained, while at the other end of the spectrum, studies have shown that training with too much intensity can have adverse effects,” Stewart said.

“Whether it is to ask for advice, be shown how to use equipment, or be given some tips on which exercises will suit your needs, our staff have the expertise and education to help you stay fit and healthy, and can work with you based on your current health and existing conditions.”

Details: 9846 1200 or www.chfac.com.au/