Support for Livestock and Domestic Animal Owners

The Castle Hill Showground has been opened as an evacuation centre for livestock and domestic animal owners concerned about the current flood risk in the Greater Sydney region.

Greater Sydney Local Land Services are assisting livestock and domestic animal owners impacted by the ongoing flood emergency in the region with officers on site to support evacuees and their animals.

“Our officers are on-site at these facilities to provide support. However, care of animals including adequate food and water supply as well as full supervision remains the responsibility of animal owners during their stay. We also ask you to bring appropriate identification for your animals,” Emergency Services Manager Graham Wilson said.

Domestic Animal

“To talk to the officer on the ground, contact 0447 144 076.”

Mr Wilson said now was the time to review your flood plan, move stock and equipment and make arrangements for fodder and transport if required. “Stay tuned to emergency broadcasts and social media updates and follow the advice of authorities at all time,” he said.

The Agriculture and Animal Services Hotline remain open from 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week, contact 1800 814 647.

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