New friendships under Friendship Bridge – Pitt Town tour

The Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Mary Lyons-Buckett and Councillors Peter Reynolds, Danielle Wheeler and Nathan Zamprogno attended a local tour of Pitt Town with the members of the Pitt Town Progress Association (PTPA) and members of the Pitt Town Residents Group on Wednesday, 16 August.

As part of the tour, the Councillors were given a firsthand look at the Pitt Town priorities being pursued by the Pitt Town Progress Association in cooperation with the Pitt Town Residents Group on behalf of the residents of the Pitt Town district.

The three hour tour was extensive and covered 28 stops which included Brinsley Park, Redfern Place, the ANZAC Day Memorial and Friendship Bridge.

“The list of priorities was developed in close collaboration with the widest possible cross section of the community,” PTPA President, Peter Ryan said.

“We are seeking Council’s support for the continuation of ongoing dialogue with the appropriate Council staff which will result in the delivery of agreed outcomes within a reasonable timeframe.”

Hawkesbury Mayor Mary Lyons-Buckett said everyone met on very good terms and that it was great to see so many people setting goals for the future.

“When we started our community consultations in August 2016 about where Hawkesbury assets and services were at, and then continued our community consultations in February 2017, and more recently in July this year with the Investing in Your Future meetings, we really hoped to get plenty of feedback,” she said.

“And we have many voices confirming that our Hawkesbury community really cares what happens to our local assets and services.

“We really must give credit to the Pitt Town Progress Association, the Pitt Town Residents Group and Pitt Town residents in general for being so proactive in their research and presentation of the needs of their local area by hosting this tour,” Councillor Lyons Bucket said.

“Council is always ready and willing to listen and to act on reasonable needs and their case has been well put for further consideration.

“I think having Councillors visit towns and villages is a great way to get a real sense of what is needed where and why,” she added.

“As well as seeing for ourselves the Pitt Town locality, this tour was like a special meeting of minds which will certainly establish an ongoing dialogue with Council about priorities that are needed in Pitt Town, and how the outcomes can be achieved.

“Part of our Investing in Your Future community consultation has been about hearing everybody’s concerns and needs for the Hawkesbury and I’m glad that our consultative approach has led us to meet our local residents not only in meetings but also on site in the very towns that want everything to improve.”

Councillors were on hand to hear community concerns about local issues such as stormwater, local flood minimisation, community facilities and local road improvements.

They were also briefed on State Government issues that Pitt Town residents are concerned about including the widening of Pitt Town Road, Pitt Town bypass, Mulgrave train station carpark upgrades as well as heritage and environmental improvements from developer contributions.

PTPA members also voiced their concerns about the apparent failure of developers to deliver on the river walk, river access, the local boat ramp, bushland damage and road infrastructure.

The Pitt Town Progress Association members in attendance were President Peter Ryan, Vice President Steve Brown, Vice President Graham Marks, Secretary Vince Rayfield, Member Kevin O’Connor, Member Gordon Douglass and Member David Burgon.

Pitt Town Residents Group members: John Hagar, Stacy O’Toole and Phil Dunesky (apology).

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