Lynwood Golf and Country Club to Re-Open

Lynwood Golf and Country Club to Re-Open
By Lawrence Machado
Lynwood Golf and Country Club’s golf course will officially re-open on Friday, July 9, despite two massive flood events in the past 13 months as golfing continues to boom.

The picturesque 18-hole, par 72 course in Pitt Town was first flooded in February 2020 when 10 of its 21 greens were destroyed.

The damaged greens were stripped and seeded and were back in operation months later to the delight of the members. However, disaster struck again in March 2021 when 16 out of the 21 greens went under as the flood waters rose to a frightening 13.5m.

Lynwood Golf and Country Club General Manager Matthew Bailey, who was previously the course superintendent, said 90 per cent of the course was flooded, killing 16 greens.

“Only the clubhouse, the car park and the maintenance areas were spared due to their higher location,” he said.

Lynwood Golf

Ninety per cent of Lynwood Golf and Country Club golf course was flooded during the floods in March.

“It took two and half weeks for the waters to recede from the property, which left a huge clean-up. Greens were once again stripped and reseeded. The course will be back to its original routing on July 9 when we will have a celebratory event for our members who are delighted to be playing golf again, though we opened a temporary course six weeks ago.

The damage caused to the course by both floods is in excess of $1m but the fact we are opening all the greens is due to the incredible work by our dedicated maintenance team and the ongoing support from CHRG (Castle Hill RSL Group).”

Equally amazing is the massive interest in golf since Covid-19, with Mr Bailey saying there has been a 35 per cent rise in social golf and golf activists, or 150 new members in 12 months.

“Golf is the perfect sport for a global pandemic,” he said, pointing out the sport is booming around the world.

“We are also planning to open a miniature golf course within six-12 months as we strive to be the best venue for our community in the Hills and the Hawkesbury.

“I am the most passionate person about Lynwood Golf and Country Club.”

Mr Bailey is planning something spectacular in late October with the first Pro Am event, which boasts the richest prize purse on the NSW PGA Pro Am Tour, a whopping $50,000 prize money.

“We have thought about it in the past but this will be the biggest and the most lucrative in the state, as we will attract some of the best golfers in Australia, who are unable to travel overseas due to Covid-19,” he said.

Lynwood Golf and Country Club is a part of the CHRG.

Lynwood Golf

The new greens at Lynwood Golf and Country
Club golf course will re-open on July 9.