For the Love of Patrick by Dor Slinkard

Wilberforce author Dor Slinkard is set to publish her debut book at the end of this month; For the Love of Patrick is a romance story that follows two couples in 1892 as they battle the war that is life as they cling onto the hope of true love.

A daughter of a convict, Sally Smith flees to Adelaide emotionally and physically drained. Her life is one she’s ashamed of and one that causes her great sadness. However, a chance encounter brings a new person into her life, a shy lawyer. Her hopes of a relationship are overshadowed by the secret of her past. If revealed, she’s sure it will shatter the illusion of love and drain her of her happiness once more.

The passionate Bernadette is a supporter of the suffragettes and women’s rights finds her equal. As romance blooms, fate plays its cruel hand.

Immerse yourself in a sweeping tale of hope and love as the characters you adore, follow the journey of these two couple as you pray they find happiness. With the turn of the century on the doorsteps, and the First World War already making its way over the horizon, become obsessed with Dor Slinkard’s beautiful, emotional, and fast-moving story.

With secrets, untapped desire and unbridled ambition, For the Love of Patrick is a romantic ride through a fascinating time.

Dor Slinkard is an unstoppable storyteller, enthralling friends and family whenever she can. Inspired from her life as a jillaroo in the outback and as a race horse trainer, her imagination has no limits. Much like her characters, she has found her true love with Wade and have two children and five grandchildren.

For the Love of Patrick, published by Austin Macauley, is now available to purchase from 31st August 2017. For more information, please visit

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