Greens Candidate – Change is Within Reach

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The Greens candidate for Mitchell, Dr Matthew Cox is a strong believer that we can have our cake and eat it too.

As part owner of a veterinary hospital which is on track to becoming carbon neutral, Dr Cox has seen the financial benefits of using renewable energy to power the practice and his electric car.

“Australians have been sold the false narrative that coal is essential for a strong economy and that we have to sacrifice our quality of life in order to reduce emissions. This is simply not true – we can still have our comfortable lifestyle as long as we electrify our homes, our cars and our businesses and use renewable energy to power them.

Events over the last few years have shown that climate change is here, we are living it now and Australia stands to be one of the world’s worst affected countries.

“We have been blessed however with an abundance of sun and wind, the opportunities and the cost benefits are there for the taking. I am really concerned about the health impacts of climate change – we are increasingly seeing the effects of heat on the health of our pets and people suffer in exactly the same way, especially the most vulnerable.

As a vet, I feel a responsibility to do as much as I can to minimize the climate impact of my business and it is inspiring that many other professions and small businesses are doing the same. What is lacking is government leadership with real support and incentives for businesses and households to be able to make the switch – it needs to be made easy and affordable for everyone.

“The future could be cleaner, healthier and cheaper for Australians if our politics were not tied to the fossil fuel industry. “ I’m no career politician, I decided to run as the Greens candidate for Mitchell because time is running out.

Given the state of the current, broken political system, I feel compelled to step up and change the status quo – we need leaders that are looking out for the long term future and wellbeing of all Australians and this means taking up the opportunities on offer with real action on climate and working towards a fairer system that puts people before profits.

Greens policies for this election include;
• Fixing the housing affordability crisis
• Getting Dental and Mental Health into Medicare
• Increasing the pension and investing in Aged Care
• Free childcare, University and Tafe
• Wiping student debt
• Taking real action for a safe climate

Greens Candidate

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