Most men are good men and want to speak up about respect.

This month you can see a wall of good men their comments at Castle Towers as part of the Good Men Project. Hills Community Aid hashad conversations with local men about their views on respect, masculinity and gender stereotypes.

Men said that they would like to be a part of social change, but found it hard to find a voice or opportunities to make a stand.

Mici Beer from Hills Community Aid said the project is based on the reality that most men are good men, and that good men can help create change in society by being positive role models, promoting healthy messages about masculinity, encouraging equal relationships based on respect and challenging negative gender stereotypes.

The display contains the words of 22 of those men. Philippa Fraser from HCA said she was impressed by the bravery of the men involved in the project in speaking out. “So many men talked about how important it is to drop the stereotypes about men being tough and the need for men to be allowed to be human, to show emotion and vulnerability, and to be accepted in that.”

The Good Men Project is at Castle Towers for the whole of September on Level 1 near Medicare.