Globite Classics

In our last issue of The Hills to Hawkesbury Community News Ivor wrote about the history Globite case and in particular the Globite School cases.

It brought back many memories for readers who talked about their own cases and also the souvenir cases that were given to people at the opening of the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Barbara Brisset even sent us a photo of an old Globite case that she had spruced up with colourful contact and turned into a very useful picnic ‘basket’.

“We take this case with us whenever we go on holidays,” she wrote.

“It has been all over Australia. We use it to self cater or (to use) in Motels. It is very good (none of this cane stuff!!!) Note the matches!! We went on a trip once to outback Australia with a guide who forgot the “matches” to light the BBQ.”

We love to hear your stories and see and photos Please either email to: Ivor. [email protected] or post to 17 Rose St Baulkham Hills NSW 2153.


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