First Aid for Pets

A new 3-hour virtual TAFE NSW course can give pet owners the skills to potentially save their animal’s life in a medical emergency.

The TAFE Statement in First Aid for Pets online webinar, provides crucial tips in responding immediately to a sick or injured pet before taking it to a vet.

Local veterinarians have backed the course, saying just like in humans, a basic knowledge of animal first aid can be the difference between life and death.

TAFE NSW Head of Agribusiness Skills Team Rebecca Coventry said, “This course is designed to provide pet owners and people working in the industry with a range of skills that they can use on their pets when they’re ill or emergencies arise.

“They’ll learn how to correctly medicate a pet, apply ear and eye drops, how to look after diabetic animals, the correct way to restrain animals and how to administer CPR. Knowing how to act in those first few minutes when your pet is injured or unwell can be crucial, so it’ important that all pet owners are educated correctly.”

To find out more about this short course visit the TAFE NSW website

First Aid For Pets

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