Local Couple Honoured – For Their Work In Prostate Cancer

A Glenhaven couple, Graham and Adele Staggs, have been honoured for their work in supporting those affected by prostate cancer. They are one of three recipients of the prestigious 2021 Max Gardner Award.

The Max Gardner Award is conferred by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia to those who have provided distinguished support to those affected by prostate cancer.

The Staggs have been supporting prostate cancer sufferers for almost 20 years. First with the Support Group at the SAN Hospital and subsequently with the Dural and District Group which Graham, Adele and others founded 10 years ago. This is the first time that the Max Gardner Award has been made to a couple and is a pleasing recognition of the work done by a supporting partner.

The Dural and District Support Group meets monthly at the Glenhaven Retirement Village and those affected by prostate cancer, either directly or indirectly as a partner or child, are welcome to attend. Please see the PCFA website for further details. As well as being actively involved with the Dural Group, Adele established a Ladies ‘Carers’ Group of partners, which meets monthly meetings.

The other two recipients of the 2021 Max Gardener Award were from the (Sydney) North Shore and the Bundaberg Groups.

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