Club Set to Open

Monday (October 11th) marks the day when CHRG hospitality venues, including Castle Hill RSL Club, Club Parramatta and Lynwood Golf and Country Club, as well as Castle Hill Fitness and Aquatic Centre, will be opening.

All patrons are required to check in and show proof of double vaccination status, as per Government guidelines. All staff are double vaccinated.

David O’Neil Group CEO, CHRG said: “Clubs play an important role in the community – they are places for everyone to meet, greet, grab a bite to eat and importantly, connect with other people. We have missed our employees, members and guests and can’t wait to see them back at their local.

“We all have an important role to play in keeping our community healthy and safe. To this end, we have a number of Customer Care initiatives in place to ensure our patrons are comfortably spaced and able to enjoy their time in their favourite venue – whether they are indoors or enjoying our many alfresco areas at each venue,” he said.

After almost four months of lockdown, CHRG’s hundreds of staff are excited to get back to the hospitality and fitness clubs and do what they love. The vast majority of CHRG’s employees, have been with the group many years, and are familiar faces at the club – with many members checking in regularly as part of their wellness.

“The kindness that we see exchanged daily, between our employees and our members, is heartening. Many of our people live in the community where they work, and there is genuine care and consideration that underpins the work we do in the community, for the community,” said David.

In fact, kindness has travelled a long way in this pandemic and during the lengthy Greater Sydney lockdown, it found its way just over 615km, from Walgett to Castle Hill. When the Walgett RSL Club Board heard about the closure of CHRG venues for a prolonged period they called to check on the welfare and wellbeing of CHRG’s staff.

Castle Hill Rsl Club
Walgett rsl club ceo paul clarke, club president lisa wallace, and facilities supervisor steve wallace

Remembering how much support CHRG has given Walgett RSL over the years, the Walgett RSL Club Board offered to donate $2000 worth of gift vouchers to CHRG staff to help them in their time of need. This amazing act of kindness inspired CHRG to make an additional contribution of $2000, to be able to offer a total of $4000 worth of gift vouchers – to spread acts of kindness as far as possible.

CHRG employees were invited to nominate their colleagues to become voucher recipients to create a ripple of kindness across the group and recognise those employees who might be doing it tough on their own, in need of a break from home-schooling, or would benefit from additional amenities.

In the end, their gesture resulted in 60 people receiving vouchers, and many additional acts of kindness being paid forward to the community – with many staff continuing the ripple of kindness in their own neighbourhoods.

“During tough times, the community is what’s important, and we are thrilled to be opening our doors to the whole community – including our people, members and guests who Walgett RSL Club CEO Paul Clarke, Club President Lisa Wallace, and we missed greatly,” David concluded

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