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Career Inspiration-Young CEOs ANYIER YUOL and NATHANIEL DIONG will be keynote speakers at the Future State Youth Symposium on Wednesday, June 9, at the Pioneer Theatre at Castle Hill.

The Hills Shire Council is hosting the free event to ensure young people in the Hills are prepared for the jobs of the future.

Sound artist Liliana Occhiuto (aka Okuesha Kills) will also join CEO of Pendragon, John Glover, to talk about the skills needed for future careers, entrepreneurship and what it takes to turn dreams into reality.

The event is aimed at 14 to 20 year-olds. Nathaniel Diong says: “The biggest takeaway I want everyone to know is that your age, background, and grades don’t define you. Your actions do.”

He was 16 years old when he started his company Future Minds Network. Now, at the age of 20, Nathaniel is an award-winning educator who, along with his Future Minds team, has helped over 11,000 young people worldwide launch their own not-for-profits. He said he would cry in frustration at the age 10 worrying about the state of the world.

“I didn’t understand why fresh water, food and a roof over your head was a given for some, but a luxury for others… I felt helpless. Future Minds started from an idea of … what if young people could create solutions to the problems they saw in the world?”

“So often we hold ourselves back because we think we’re not good, smart or innovative enough to change the world. The truth is, young people have endless creativity to turn one simple idea into reality,” he says Future Minds students have created 3D printed face shields and coffee carts tackling homelessness across Australia, UK, US, Estonia and Finland.

Anyier Yuol, the CEO of Miss Sahara and Anyier Model Management, is a passionate advocate for women and minority communities within the beauty and fashion industries and is involved in the United Nation High Commission for Refugees.

She started Miss Sahara and Anyier Model Management because of the lack of equality and representation that she was witnessing in the fashion industry.

“I decided to take action, make a change and be the voice for some of the young African women who wanted to get into the industry,” she says.

Anyier Model Management followed because: “I recognised that I wasn’t representing other communities – the Muslim community, the South East Asian community, the Indigenous community, any community that are underrepresented and don’t have that voice in the fashion industry. “

Anyier’s advice: “Never give up.” Nathaniel’s advice: “Take lots of chances, try new things and learn as much as you can. Know that age is just a label, and it doesn’t stop you from changing the world.”

To find out more visit the Future State Youth Symposium on Wednesday, June 9, at the Pioneer Theatre, Castle Hill.

There will also be career stalls with youth program and education providers, charities and volunteer groups plus prizes and food.

To book a free place, visit The Hills Shire Council, and search “Future State YouthSymposium”.

Nathaniel diong and anyier yuol

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