Farewell and Welcome!

Bazz Whine Bar in Windsor’s Mall, a few metres from the old water wheel is one of Windsor’s hidden little secrets and after 5 fabulous years, Bazz and his wife Lisa are ending their time as owners of the bar.

“We have decided to take some time to relax, travel and explore other pursuits, whilst remaining with our professional jobs. Our time at the bar has been everything we imagined it could be. We know our customers are going to miss us, but we are going to miss them even more. A special thanks to our daughter Bella who joined us on this adventure by cooking, serving drinks and being part of the bar experience!”

Bazz Whine Bar was established in 2017 and has been a bustling weekend nook since.

Bazz Whine Bar

Bazz and Lisa would like to introduce you to Ori and Kerryn, the bars new owners. There are exciting times ahead for the bar with the new development of the Windsor Mall scheduled for later this year, Ori and Kerryn are planning on an extension to a licenced outdoor area and more live music experiences.

Ori and Kerryn have five children and are very much looking forward to meeting you all!

For now, the name, food and drinks list will remain the same, but as with every business, owners want to make it feel like theirs. Bazz is confident that he found the right buyer for the business with Ori, and he and Lisa will certainly be popping into the bar to catch up with regulars and friends.

For those of you wondering about the meatballs, they will also stay on the menu, however, the recipe will still be remaining a guarded secret.

As you step into the quaintly narrow 1840’s heritage listed building, decorated with antiques, trinkets and bar paraphernalia as seen in little European bars, sweep the velvet curtains aside to be now be warmly greeted by Ori, Kerryn and their children.

A message from Bazz for all who visited Bazz’s Whine Bar, “Thank you for being part of our success story. It has been a DREAM COME TRUE! Thank you for your patronage, conversation, laughs, music and shared stories.”

You can book via Facebook Bazz’s Whine Bar and follow them on Instagram


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