Aussie Success Drives Opportunity

Australian Pump Industries (Aussie Pumps) is an organically grown Hills district business that provides great employment opportunities. “We’re looking for competent store people, fitters and assemblers”, said Aussie Pumps Operations Manager, Hamish Lorenz.

The huge success the company has had in domestic and export markets mean their production is stretched and they desperately need more talent! Lorenz says the demands for their unique designs has put this hard working company under real pressure.

“It’s exciting to work in an environment where the products are praised in the USA are taking over whole market sectors in the Middle East and whipping imports here in Australia”, said Lorenz. “Every day is a challenge as we find new and better ways to build world class equipment that you’ll never see copied in third world countries”, he said.

Want to know more about a career in Aussie Pumps? Do you want to contribute something meaningful building products that can help us all to a more sustainable world using water in a more effective and positive way?

Call or send your resume! “ We even need sales and marketing cadets!” said Lorenz. Our sales team just can’t keep up!

Further information contact Australian Pump Industries on 8865 3500 or check the website under careers.

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