A Backyard Worth Exploring

Merilyn Philip discovered BaptistCare Aminya Centre offered the perfect opportunity for years of adventure exploring her own backyard when she moved here with her husband, Ray, in 2013.

And what better way to explore it than with the added company of her fellow residents?

Merilyn’s outgoing nature and eventual commandeering of the BaptistCare Village bus, complete with driver, has landed her with the official title of Village Lifestyle Coordinator. While organising events in times of a pandemic can be challenging, the residents have recently enjoyed cruising the Hawkesbury on the Riverboat Postman Ferry, among other outings.

“The Postman’s Ferry is always a good trip. There’s plenty of time to sit back and truly enjoy the beautiful Hawkesbury. Everyone was so keen to get out of their apartments after being told not to go too far. It was lovely,” says Merilyn. “Many residents love to go out for a meal, so we do that, and I try to include an interesting and educational element as well. We’ve been to the Railway Museum out at Thirlmere, Museums Discovery Centre at Castle Hill, and the Bradman Museum at Bowral.”

Merilyn spends a lot of time researching destinations in various newspapers, going to information centres and scoping out locations with Ray.

“I’m always thinking of ways to enhance life through experiences”, adds Merilyn. Merilyn’s efforts and excellence in volunteering was recognised by BaptistCare in 2018.

For more information about BaptistCare Aminya, speak to our friendly team on (02) 8896 3905.


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