More than $500,000 in fines issued by the Department

The Department of Planning and Environment issued more than $500,000 in penalties across NSW during 2016, with 15 fines going to major projects and developers across Sydney.

Dr Oliver Holm, Executive Director of Resources Assessments and Compliance, said this is a large increase compared to 2015 when penalties worth $51,000 were issued and 511 inspections conducted in NSW. Last year more than 800 inspections were undertaken.

“There were 330 visits to various major project sites in Sydney last year, including areas such as Penrith, the Blue Mountains and Wollondilly. There were 833 visits conducted across the entire state.

“Mining and quarry sites were inspected the most across NSW, followed by varied industry sites such as waste or warehouse facilities. We looked at Infrastructure sites and residential complexes as well.”

Compliance officers regularly inspect major project sites undertaking spot checks, unannounced visits and meetings with councils and the community.

Enforcement can include warning letters, official cautions, orders, penalty notices up to $15,000, and in the case of prosecutions, court imposed fines which can reach up to $5 million.

More information on the Department’s latest compliance enforcement activities can be found in the December 2016 Compliance Report online

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